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From dealing with unacceptable or toxic workplace behaviour, suspected “sickies” to managing bullies, employers face a range of challenging issues when managing difficult employees. Sensitivity increases especially if an employee has a mental illness or a disability, and challenges are often compounded by a history of poor staff management or a lack of resources.
While employers have an obligation to all employees in the workplace, it is crucial for employers to manage and prevent these issues in the first place – or risk dire legal and cultural consequences for individuals, teams and organisations. Both senior management and HR professionals need to take on essential roles in identifying and managing difficult employee behaviour compliantly and effectively; including formulating a range of approaches and techniques for dealing with specific behaviours in the workplace.
Managing Difficult Employee Behaviour Masterclass will provide you with everything you need to know for defining and managing difficult behaviour. At the end of this workshop, you and your organisation will: 
  • Identify what constitutes difficult and toxic workplace behaviour
  • Recognise your legal obligations (e.g. discrimination, unfair dismissals) and how to avoid non-compliance
  • Develop key strategies to prevent and manage difficult workplace behaviours e.g. toxic employees, suspected “sickies”, serious misconduct, bullies
  • Carry out difficult conversations in an appropriate manner
  • Ensure your disciplinary and dismissal processes are fair and defensible


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By attending the one-day Managing Difficult Employee Behaviour Masterclass, you will gain a solid understanding of the relevant laws governing the management of difficult employee behaviour, how to avoid legal pitfalls and manage such behaviour, and if escalated, the related claims.

There will be plenty of opportunities for questions and advice, focusing on practical steps you can take to work immediately.

  • Identify what constitutes difficult and toxic workplace behavior e.g. bullies, suspected “sickies”, toxic behavior, serious misconduct etc.
  • Analyse employers’ obligations under the relevant legislation and key decisions from landmark cases
  • Understand Fair Work Commission’s test for what constitutes ‘reasonable management action’


Directors, Heads, Specialists and Senior Managers responsible for managing employees, workplace conflict, disciplinary processes and termination procedures. Job titles include but are not limited to:

  • Human Resources
  • Workplace/ Employment Relations
  • Industrial Relations
  • People & Culture
  • Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Line Managers
  • Team Leaders

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